04 June 2013

Minutes of AGM 21 May 2013

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 21 May 2013
Petrus Hub 73 Great George Street Rochdale OL16 1QC

Present: Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts, Chair), Zatoon Ahmad (Manchester Credit Union), Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Development Trust), Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Claire Jefferies and Denis Skelton (Petrus), Tanzeem Mahmood (Tanzeem Co-operative), John Swallow (Community Engagement Pioneers and Youth 21)

In attendance: Jan Rafter and Lorraine Mark Bell (Metro Moneywise Credit Union), Anna Charlton (RBH), Andrew Jessop (Associate, Co-operative and social enterprise support), Andy Wiggans (Associate and Locally Made CIC)

Apologies: Chris Bailey and Edwina Lennon (Sunshine Care CIC), Liz White (REstore), Jackie Stewart (Everyday People)

1 Chair’s opening remarks
1.1 Rick thanked Petrus for providing the venue and Tanzeem Co-operative for the catering.

2 Minutes of last AGM 15 May 2012
2.1 The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

3 Financial statements for 2012
3.1 Steve presented the income and expenditure account highlighting income from Membership fees and grant from the Co-operative Area Committee, main item of expenditure on International Year of Co-operatives celebrations, and a loss of £185.42 for the year. On the balance sheet, he said the debtor item had not been received and creditors had been paid, other than Link4Life. The balance carried forward was £917.78. Members noted the statements.

3.2 Rick raised the matter of payment to Andy J for organising meetings and events. Members referred the matter to the Management Committee to consider.

4 Appointment of auditor
4.1 Members decided that there was no need for an independent scrutiny of accounts.

5 2012 Annual Report
5.1 Andy J presented the Annual Report about the Forum’s activities promoting co-operatives and social enterprises, meeting the needs of its Members, developing opportunities, and working with others. Lorraine and Anna expressed an interest in becoming Members. Andy W referred to Salford University’s proposed ‘Centre for social business’ and offered to explore opportunities for the Forum. Members accepted the offer. Nick reported that MoorEnd Trust had a licence to use Hare Hill House for small business units that would be available for social enterprises. Rick asked about the community energy group’s demand on the Forum’s resources. Andy J said it would be self governing. Members approved the Annual Report.

5 Nomination and election of Management Committee
5.1 Jan, Nick and Rick confirmed that they were retiring from the Management Committee but wished to nominate themselves for re-election and Claire said she wanted to nominate herself for election. Andy J explained that, as the maximum number of Management Committee Members is fifteen and there are three serving Members, there are more than enough places for the four candidates. Claire, Jan, Nick and Rick were, therefore deemed elected.

6 Use of surplus
6.1 Rick confirmed that the Forum had not made a surplus.

7 Any other business

7.1 Members noted the opportunities to be part of Hornets’ ‘Co-operatives Clash’ on 2 June and ‘Rochdale Co-operatives’ Day on 22 June.                                                                              28/05/2013 aj

2012 Annual Report

5 Our ‘added value’
Volunteering. Fifteen Members and Associates attended our events, Management Meetings, and AGM, contributing 159 hours of voluntary work. In addition, more than 350 volunteer hours were spent representing the Forum, organising activities, etc.
Education and training. 178 adults and children took part in our events.
Sharing with others. 166 non-Members attended our events and meetings.
Inclusion. 136 of the adults and children participating in our events and meetings were women, 18 were disabled, and 73 were BME.
Involving stakeholders. The Forum worked with the Co-operative Group, Co-operatives North West, Link4Life, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Rochdale Council, and CVS Rochdale.

6 Our Members *joined in 2012
·       3R Project t/a Fabric For Life
·       Arts and heritage
·       Back Door Music Project
·       Cartwheel Arts
·       Castlemere Community Centre
·       Community Engagement Pioneers
·       Crescent Community Radio
·       Earth CafĂ©
·       Everyday People*
·       Fair For All
·       Fair trade crafts
·       FCUM Radio
·       Just Poets
·       M6 Theatre Company
·       Manchester Credit Union*
·       Maracuja
·       MoorEnd Trust
·       Multicultural Arts and Media Centre
·       Peace Parade International
·       PEARLS Co-operative
·       Peopleprint Community Media Workshop
·       RCT-Training
·       Rochdale and District Mind
·       Rochdale Training
·       Skylight Circus Arts
·       Spiral Dance
·       Sunshine Care CIC
·       Tanzeem Co-operative
·       Training and Consultancy Initiatives
·       Youth 21
·        CVS Rochdale
·        Andrew Jessop
·        Andy Wiggans*                                    23/05/13 aj

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Annual Report

1 Chair’s Foreword
2012 was a massive year for the co-operative movement, and the Forum played its part. On a personal level it was a privilege to represent the Forum in meeting international delegations, most memorably a large party from Emilio Romagna in Italy.
Rick Walker
Chair, Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and
Co-operative Forum

2 About the Forum
The Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum is a network of what are increasingly called ‘mutuals’ (businesses owned by the communities they serve and/or their employees, run by their members, with no external shareholders) and people working on ideas for them in the Borough.

We exist to promote co-operatives and other forms of community owned businesses, meet the needs of our Members, develop opportunities for mutuals, and work in partnership with other ‘stakeholders’ (people, organisations, businesses, and public bodies) to help make Rochdale a better place.

We are an unincorporated co-operative, with a  Management Committee elected by our Members at our Annual General Meeting:
·        Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts), Chair
·        Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Secretary
·        Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Treasurer
·        Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Trust),
‘Fourth Official’
·        Chris Bailey/Edwina Lennon (Sunshine Care)
·        John Swallow (Community Engagement Pioneers and Youth 21).

We held six Management Meetings, open to all Members. Main topics were Membership and financial matters, ‘Twelve (actions) for 2012’, International Year of Co-operatives, economic development, and support for mutuals.

We do not employ staff and rely on our Members and Associates to plan and deliver activities, represent the Forum, and organise meetings and events on a voluntary basis.

3 Our activities
We adopted ‘Twelve for 2012’ actions at the start of the year.  Here’s how we did:
1 Set up a website. We set up rocseforum.blogspot.com.
2 Promote commissioning/ procurement from local mutuals. We met with Council staff but made little progress. We hope to do better in 2013 and plan an event in 2014.
3 Encourage Members to trade. We hired meeting rooms and purchased catering from our Members and will hold a networking event later in 2013.
4 Produce a listing of ‘back office’ services.  Members shared information about suppliers.
5 Campaign for community energy. Our Co-operative Community Energy Challenge expression of interest failed. We have held an event and helped set up a group in 2013.
6 Encourage local buying and supplying networks. We promoted GMCVO’s ‘Market Place’.
7 Create training and employment opportunities, especially for young people. We discussed ideas with RCT Training. We will do more. It is the reason for our local economic strategy.
8 Explore the potential for mutual enterprises in schools and colleges. We commissioned a workshop for our International Year of Co-operatives celebrations.
9 Support staff and/or community public service mutuals. We produced proposals for the Council Leader and are developing arrangements in 2013.
10 Explore the potential for managed workspace. The idea of a ‘co-operative enterprise centre’ emerged at our ‘Be the future Pioneers’ event.
11 Advocate for mutuals to be a focus for economic development. This is central to our strategy presented to the Deputy Leader of the Council.
12 Promote ethical finance. Credit unions were part in our ‘Meet the new Pioneers’ event.
4 Our International Year of Co-operatives events
‘Co-operatives Dale: International Year of
Co-operatives Festival’
We promoted activities put on by partners in September and October:
·        ‘Co-operatives around the world’ at Falinge Park High School
·        Langley Writers, From the Pioneers to the Wheatsheaf
·        Rochdale Boroughwide Housing celebration
·        Touchstones Creative Writing Group, ‘Spirit of co-operation’ anthology of new writing
·        Touchstones ‘Co-optastic Family Fun Day’ and ‘Big Draw’
·        Wardle and Smallbridge History Group ‘Pennines Village Co-op Stores’ exhibition.

‘Co-operatives around the world’ school workshop
We commissioned Cat Jessop and Vicki Lomax to deliver a  workshop for pupils to learn about the history of co-operatives, how communities in the developing world benefit from co-operatives, and how Fairtrade works by taking part in food sourcing activities to create a ‘Fairtrade cafe’.

‘Meet the new Pioneers: What local co-operatives can do for you’
Opened by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Peter Rush (see photograph), our family-friendly celebration of the Borough’s
co-operatives, showcasing their products and services, was held at Touchstones on 25 October, and attended by 100 people.
Community Engagement Pioneers, Fair For All, FCUM Radio, Manchester Credit Union, Maracuja, Metro Moneywise Credit Union, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Tanzeem
Co-operative, and Youth 21 took part. The Co-operative Area Committee and Members Group also had a stand.

An activity based on ‘Co-operatives around the world’ was delivered and activities for children were provided throughout the day.

Co-operative business advice was provided.

The event ended with a performance and presentation of ‘Spirit of co-operation’ by Touchstones Writing Group.

‘Be the new Pioneers: What co-operatives can do for Rochdale’
Our event later on 25 October at Maracuja was hosted by Forum Associate Andy Wiggans. Attendees were tasked with helping the Forum decide on its priority for developing the local economy. This was in response to a request from the Deputy Leader of the Council, in turn in response to the Forum’s local economic strategy. A proposal for a ‘Co-operative Enterprise Centre’ to support future
co-operation and co-operatives in Rochdale was identified as the priority.

Minutes of Management Meeting 20 March 2013

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Minutes of Management Meeting Wednesday 20 March 2013
Rochdale Pioneers Museum 31 Toad Lane Rochdale OL12 0NU

Present: Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts,Chair), Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Claire Jefferies (Petrus), Tanzeem Mahmood (Tanzeem Co-operative), Andy Wiggans (Locally Made), and Andrew Jessop (Business advisor, Associate)

In attendance: Rod Barry (‘If we’re not together, we’re nowt’ musical)

1 Apologies and welcome
1.1 Apologies were noted from Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Trust), Barney Fryer (Rochdale Council), Peggy Mulongo (Maracuja), and John Swallow (Community Engagement Pioneers and Youth 21). Rick welcomed Rod to the meeting.

2 Minutes of last Management Meeting 16 January
2.1 The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

3 Matters arising
3.1 Paragraph 3.1 Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. Andy J said he had met with Gareth Swarbrick, Chief Executive of RBH who had indicated that RBH would apply for Membership.

3.2 Paragraphs 3.2 and 4.2 Awards for All and legal structure. Andy J circulated and presented a report on these matters. Members approved Rick’s proposals that the Awards for All application should include costs of organising events, open events for community involvement, and environmental outcomes, alongside the proposals in the report. Members decided to defer consideration of the Forum’s legal structure to its next meeting when discussions about the relationship with the Council should have progressed.

4 Membership matters
4.1 Rod outlined his plans for a musical, ‘If we’re not together, we’re nowt’, based on the  Rochdale Pioneers story. He would consider applying for membership of the Forum. Andy J reported that the Co-operative Heritage Trust would be applying for membership and he had invited JLTraining to apply.

5 Financial matters
(a) Statement of accounts and balance sheet for 2012
5.1 Steve presented the statement of accounts and balance sheet and reported a loss of £185.42 in 2012 and reserves of £992.78, less a cheque for £30.00 to be presented, reducing the assets to £962.78. Members approved the statement of accounts and balance sheet for presentation to Members at the Forum’s upcoming AGM.

(b) Other matters
5.2 Steve highlighted four other matters and Members decided that Steve should  remind Youth 21 to pay its outstanding invoice; the Forum should be mindful of the expected claim from Link4Life in planning expenditure in 2013; to note that Maracuja’s invoice had been received; and to ‘write off’ outstanding invoices to Members for membership fees for 2012. Discussion about receipt of membership fees for 2013 followed and Members asked Jan and Steve to update the list of members and share the responsibility for contacting Members about paying the membership fee, between the Members and Associate present.

6 Upcoming events
(a) Community energy: Together we can! event 23 March
6.1 Andy J presented a report on upcoming events. Members noted the information about the community energy event, expressed their thanks to the Memorial Exhibition Society for funding towards its costs and approved the proposed budget.

(b) AGM 21 May
6.2 Members decided to hold the AGM at the Petrus Hub; invite Gareth Swarbrick to speak and take up Rod’s offer to entertain; invite Members to provide stands; ask Andy J to check if any Management Committee Members want to retire and, if not, select those to retire by lot; ask Steve and Tanzeem to agree on catering arrangements; and focus the Annual Report on the Forum’s International Year of Co-operatives celebrations.

(c) Local, loved and trusted: Rochdale Co-operatives Day 22 June
6.3 Andy J circulated copies of a leaflet promoting Co-operatives Fortnight’s ‘Local, loved, and trusted’ theme for 2013 and added Rochdale Hornets and Unlimited Potential to the list of local co-operatives interested in taking part. Rod said he planned to use the barrow from ‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ film to promote ‘If we’re not together, we’re nowt’ musical. Members asked Andy J to update other local co-operatives and Forum Members and encourage them to take part.

7 Policy initiatives
(a) Support for public service mutuals (social enterprises)
7.1 Andy J and Steve said they were due to meet the Leader of the Council and Chief Executive tomorrow (21 March) and would report back to the Forum’s next meeting.

(b) Local economic strategy
7.2 Steve reported he had experienced difficulties in arranging a meeting with the Deputy Leader (since arranged).

8 Any other business
8.1 Andy J circulated copies of a leaflet promoting the Co-operative’s Members Meetings and encouraging Members to stand for election to Area Committees, and said that the Co-operative Street Gallery would be on The Butts from 9 April in association with which, ‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ film would be screened at Touchstones on 16 April.

8.2 Andy W reported that ‘Locally Made’ was due to meet with Salford University to explore interest in supporting co-operation in the community; Rochdale Council was due to invite tenders for exploring future arrangements for community centres, including co-operative options; and he was still hopeful that the next Mayor would include funding for co-operatives in his fund raising plans.

8.3 Rod reported that he had organised a ‘flash mob’ event on 20 April, 12.00, in the Wheatsheaf Centre, featuring children clog dancing, to promote the Co-operative Street Gallery and the planned ‘If we’re not together, we’re nowt’ musical.

9 Date, time, and place of next Management Meeting
9.1 Members confirmed that the next meeting would be after the AGM (21 May), on Wednesday 5 June, 6pm, Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

29/03/2013 aj

25 February 2013

Minutes of Management Meeting 16 January 2013

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Minutes of Management Meeting Wednesday 16 January 2013 
Maracuja 20 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

Present: Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts, Chair), Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Trust), Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Claire Jefferies (Petrus People), and Andrew Jessop (Business advisor, Associate)

In attendance: Jenny Broadbent (Rochdale Pioneers Museum), Barney Fryer (Rochdale Council), and Ruth Yasmeen (First Light Project)

1 Apologies and welcome

1.1 Apologies were noted from Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Colin Hughes (Youth 21), Tanzeem Mahmood (Tanzeem Co-operative), Peggy Mulongo (Maracuja), Ken Usman Smith, John Swallow (Youth 21), Norman Warwick (Just Poets), Steve Valentine (Manchester Credit Union),  and Norman Warwick (Just Poets).  Rick welcomed Claire, Jenny, and Ruth to the meeting.

2 Minutes of last Management Meeting 3 December 2012

2.1 The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

 3 Matters arising

3.1 Paragraph 4.1 Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. Andy said he would be meeting Gareth Swarbrick, RBH Chief Executive, and would ask him about their interest in being an Associate.

3.2 Paragraph 5.2 Generating income. Andy said that organising events and training are eligible for Awards For All funding and he would draft an application.

 4 Membership matters

(a) Applications for Membership

4.1 Claire explained that Petrus People would be a wholly owned subsidiary CIC, responsible for Petrus’ carwash, green gym, gardening, and second-hand store activities.  Members approved Petrus People’s application.  Jenny outlined the Co-operative Heritage Trust’s responsibility for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and National Co-operative Archive, and said that she would be applying for membership. Ruth described First Light’s film making plans and Andy said he would send her a Membership application form.

 (b) Legal status

4.2 Rick reported that John had suggested that the Forum should incorporate as a legal entity. Some discussion of the necessity or otherwise, followed. Andy said he would present options for legal structures to the next management Meeting.

5 Financial matters

5.1 Steve said that the Forum’s bank balance was just under £1,000.

6 Activities for 2013

6.1 Members considered Andy’s report and decided on the following activities:

·        Promote business with a social purpose

o   Take part in ‘Rochdale Co-operative Day’ 22 June. Andy to advise Members likely to be interested and attend planning meetings with the Co-operative College, etc.

·        Meet Members’ needs

o   Hold AGM in May. Andy to arrange convenient date for the Museum with Jenny.

o   Hold a ‘business to business’ networking event and lunch for Members on ‘Social Enterprise Day’ 21 November (tbc) at the Museum.

·        Develop opportunities for social enterprise

o   Hold a ‘community energy’ event, in partnership with the Council, alongside APSE conference in March. Andy and Barney to plan event.

 6.2 Members also agreed the following actions:

·        Raise Members awareness of Community First funding. Rick to send information to Members.

·        Contact CVS about information/events about sources of funding for social enterprises. Andy to contact Tariq and forward to Members.

·        Explore holding a ‘Meet the buyers’ event, potentially with the Council, Link4Life, RBH, Building Schools for the Future partnership, and High Schools’ Pioneers Trust early in 2014.

·        Explore holding a ‘community food’ event, in partnership with the Council and in association with the second week of Local Environmental Action Fortnight in October. Andy and Barney to discuss.

7 Policy initiatives

(a) Support for public service mutuals (social enterprises)

7.1 Andy reported that he had met the Council Leader and Chief Executive, with Co-operatives UK, about proposals to support the sector and should be meeting again at the end of February to receive the Council’s response.

 (b) Local economic strategy

7.2 Steve said that he had sent priorities in the form of a ‘supplement’ to the strategy to the Deputy Leader and hoped to be discussing the Council’s response with him soon.  Barney said that the Council was taking forward actions on the creation of a ‘green economy’.

8 Membership fees for 2013

8.1 Steve said he would contact Members and Associates by email. Andy said he would send an up to date list of Members and Associates, and their email addresses, to Steve.

9 Date, time, and place of next Meetings

9.1 Members decided to hold the following Meetings:

·        Management Meeting Wednesday 20 March 6pm Pioneers Museum

·        AGM Tuesday 21 May 6pm Petrus Hub

·        Management Meeting Wednesday 5 June 6pm Pioneers Museum.

23 January 2013
Andrew Jessop

30 January 2013

Directory of co-operatives in Rochdale Borough 2012

 Directory of co-operatives in Rochdale Borough 2012

Chair’s Foreword
We are proud that our town is known as the ‘birthplace of co-operation’ in honour of the Rochdale Pioneers opening their store at 31 Toad Lane in 1844 and starting today’s Co-operative Movement. We are prouder still that Rochdale was declared ‘World Capital of Co-operatives’, at the start of the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives 2012.  

To mark the International Year of Co-operatives, we have produced this directory of today’s Pioneers: co-operatives operating in the Borough in 2012. We are Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum, an unincorporated co-operative ‘network’, run by our Members. We promote co-operatives and other businesses with a social purpose, working together to make the Borough - and the world - a better place.

You can be part of this by using Rochdale’s co-operatives and being actively involved, becoming a Member, having a say in what they do, and sharing the profits. Let’s make the Borough co-operative!

Rick Walker
Rick Walker
Chair, Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum
October 2012

(Bury and Rochdale Doctors on Call)
Out of hours healthcare
0161 763 4242

Cloverhall Tenants Association Co-operative
Management of Cloverhall estate
01706 350116

Community Engagement Pioneers
Work with communities
07976 267022

The Co-operative Group
Food, finance, pharmacies, and funerals
(See below for trading outlets in the Borough)
0800 023 4708

Co-operatives North West
Co-operatives’ regional organisation
01706 812699

Everyday People
Creative activities with young people and communities
07885 228172

Fair For All
Fair Trade products and supplies
Rochdale Inside Market
01706 648779

FCUM Radio
Internet radio station
07816 140344

Manchester Credit Union
Financial services
0161 231 5222

Catering and cafe/gallery
07862 279289

Metro Moneywise Credit Union
Financial services
01706 714579

Nationwide Building Society
112-114 Yorkshire Street
OL16 1XN

Peace Effects Media CIC
t/a Peace Unlimited
Conflict resolution
07870 951530

 Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum
Jan Hicks
01706 648779

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
PO Box 69
The Old Post Office
The Esplanade
OL16 1AE
04580 705170

Rochdale Hornets Rugby League Football Club
Spotland Stadium
Sandy lane
OL11 5DR
01706 648004

Rochdale Pioneers Museum
31 Toad Lane
OL12 0NU
01706 524920

Rochdale Supporters Trust
Supporters’ trust

Skipton Building Society
103 Yorkshire Street
OL16 1DR
01706 350101

Sunshine Care CIC
Home care services
MCA House
75 Kingsway
OL16 5HN
07761 545580

Tanzeem Co-operative
Catering, sewing, interpreting, flower arranging, and home care
07817 556948

Town Taxis
Taxi owner/drivers
01706 750750

Unlimited Potential
Help for people to lead healthier and happier lives
0161 738 0081

Yorkshire Building Society
08451 200100

Youth 21
Work with young people
07976 267022

The Co-operative Group in Rochdale Borough
The co-operative food
Albert Royds Street, Rochdale
Alkrington (Kirkway Precinct)
Cutgate (Edenfield Road)
Grosvenor Street, Castleton
Heywood (Sutherland Road)
Hopwood Petrol Station (Coronation Avenue)
Kenyon Lane, Moorclose
Norden (Edenfield Road)
Norden (Petrol Station)
Rooley Moor Road
The co-operative bank
110 Yorkshire Street Rochdale
Call 08457 212212
The co-operative pharmacy
Castleton Elizabeth Street
Castleton Manchester Road
Rochdale Edenfield Road (Cutgate Precinct)
The co-operative funeralcare
F A Brierley (Milnrow)
Owen Devaney (Rochdale)
Johnston Brothers (Middleton)
Kilpatricks (Littleborough)
Clifford Oldham (Rochdale)
Call 08000 289120
More about the Co-operative’s businesses at www.co-operative.coop
30/01/13 aj