25 February 2013

Minutes of Management Meeting 16 January 2013

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Minutes of Management Meeting Wednesday 16 January 2013 
Maracuja 20 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

Present: Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts, Chair), Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Trust), Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Claire Jefferies (Petrus People), and Andrew Jessop (Business advisor, Associate)

In attendance: Jenny Broadbent (Rochdale Pioneers Museum), Barney Fryer (Rochdale Council), and Ruth Yasmeen (First Light Project)

1 Apologies and welcome

1.1 Apologies were noted from Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Colin Hughes (Youth 21), Tanzeem Mahmood (Tanzeem Co-operative), Peggy Mulongo (Maracuja), Ken Usman Smith, John Swallow (Youth 21), Norman Warwick (Just Poets), Steve Valentine (Manchester Credit Union),  and Norman Warwick (Just Poets).  Rick welcomed Claire, Jenny, and Ruth to the meeting.

2 Minutes of last Management Meeting 3 December 2012

2.1 The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

 3 Matters arising

3.1 Paragraph 4.1 Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. Andy said he would be meeting Gareth Swarbrick, RBH Chief Executive, and would ask him about their interest in being an Associate.

3.2 Paragraph 5.2 Generating income. Andy said that organising events and training are eligible for Awards For All funding and he would draft an application.

 4 Membership matters

(a) Applications for Membership

4.1 Claire explained that Petrus People would be a wholly owned subsidiary CIC, responsible for Petrus’ carwash, green gym, gardening, and second-hand store activities.  Members approved Petrus People’s application.  Jenny outlined the Co-operative Heritage Trust’s responsibility for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and National Co-operative Archive, and said that she would be applying for membership. Ruth described First Light’s film making plans and Andy said he would send her a Membership application form.

 (b) Legal status

4.2 Rick reported that John had suggested that the Forum should incorporate as a legal entity. Some discussion of the necessity or otherwise, followed. Andy said he would present options for legal structures to the next management Meeting.

5 Financial matters

5.1 Steve said that the Forum’s bank balance was just under £1,000.

6 Activities for 2013

6.1 Members considered Andy’s report and decided on the following activities:

·        Promote business with a social purpose

o   Take part in ‘Rochdale Co-operative Day’ 22 June. Andy to advise Members likely to be interested and attend planning meetings with the Co-operative College, etc.

·        Meet Members’ needs

o   Hold AGM in May. Andy to arrange convenient date for the Museum with Jenny.

o   Hold a ‘business to business’ networking event and lunch for Members on ‘Social Enterprise Day’ 21 November (tbc) at the Museum.

·        Develop opportunities for social enterprise

o   Hold a ‘community energy’ event, in partnership with the Council, alongside APSE conference in March. Andy and Barney to plan event.

 6.2 Members also agreed the following actions:

·        Raise Members awareness of Community First funding. Rick to send information to Members.

·        Contact CVS about information/events about sources of funding for social enterprises. Andy to contact Tariq and forward to Members.

·        Explore holding a ‘Meet the buyers’ event, potentially with the Council, Link4Life, RBH, Building Schools for the Future partnership, and High Schools’ Pioneers Trust early in 2014.

·        Explore holding a ‘community food’ event, in partnership with the Council and in association with the second week of Local Environmental Action Fortnight in October. Andy and Barney to discuss.

7 Policy initiatives

(a) Support for public service mutuals (social enterprises)

7.1 Andy reported that he had met the Council Leader and Chief Executive, with Co-operatives UK, about proposals to support the sector and should be meeting again at the end of February to receive the Council’s response.

 (b) Local economic strategy

7.2 Steve said that he had sent priorities in the form of a ‘supplement’ to the strategy to the Deputy Leader and hoped to be discussing the Council’s response with him soon.  Barney said that the Council was taking forward actions on the creation of a ‘green economy’.

8 Membership fees for 2013

8.1 Steve said he would contact Members and Associates by email. Andy said he would send an up to date list of Members and Associates, and their email addresses, to Steve.

9 Date, time, and place of next Meetings

9.1 Members decided to hold the following Meetings:

·        Management Meeting Wednesday 20 March 6pm Pioneers Museum

·        AGM Tuesday 21 May 6pm Petrus Hub

·        Management Meeting Wednesday 5 June 6pm Pioneers Museum.

23 January 2013
Andrew Jessop

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