04 June 2013

Minutes of AGM 21 May 2013

Rochdale Borough Social Enterprise and Co-operative Forum

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 21 May 2013
Petrus Hub 73 Great George Street Rochdale OL16 1QC

Present: Rick Walker (Cartwheel Arts, Chair), Zatoon Ahmad (Manchester Credit Union), Nick Andrews (MoorEnd Development Trust), Steve Bewick (FCUM Radio), Jan Hicks (Fair For All), Claire Jefferies and Denis Skelton (Petrus), Tanzeem Mahmood (Tanzeem Co-operative), John Swallow (Community Engagement Pioneers and Youth 21)

In attendance: Jan Rafter and Lorraine Mark Bell (Metro Moneywise Credit Union), Anna Charlton (RBH), Andrew Jessop (Associate, Co-operative and social enterprise support), Andy Wiggans (Associate and Locally Made CIC)

Apologies: Chris Bailey and Edwina Lennon (Sunshine Care CIC), Liz White (REstore), Jackie Stewart (Everyday People)

1 Chair’s opening remarks
1.1 Rick thanked Petrus for providing the venue and Tanzeem Co-operative for the catering.

2 Minutes of last AGM 15 May 2012
2.1 The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

3 Financial statements for 2012
3.1 Steve presented the income and expenditure account highlighting income from Membership fees and grant from the Co-operative Area Committee, main item of expenditure on International Year of Co-operatives celebrations, and a loss of £185.42 for the year. On the balance sheet, he said the debtor item had not been received and creditors had been paid, other than Link4Life. The balance carried forward was £917.78. Members noted the statements.

3.2 Rick raised the matter of payment to Andy J for organising meetings and events. Members referred the matter to the Management Committee to consider.

4 Appointment of auditor
4.1 Members decided that there was no need for an independent scrutiny of accounts.

5 2012 Annual Report
5.1 Andy J presented the Annual Report about the Forum’s activities promoting co-operatives and social enterprises, meeting the needs of its Members, developing opportunities, and working with others. Lorraine and Anna expressed an interest in becoming Members. Andy W referred to Salford University’s proposed ‘Centre for social business’ and offered to explore opportunities for the Forum. Members accepted the offer. Nick reported that MoorEnd Trust had a licence to use Hare Hill House for small business units that would be available for social enterprises. Rick asked about the community energy group’s demand on the Forum’s resources. Andy J said it would be self governing. Members approved the Annual Report.

5 Nomination and election of Management Committee
5.1 Jan, Nick and Rick confirmed that they were retiring from the Management Committee but wished to nominate themselves for re-election and Claire said she wanted to nominate herself for election. Andy J explained that, as the maximum number of Management Committee Members is fifteen and there are three serving Members, there are more than enough places for the four candidates. Claire, Jan, Nick and Rick were, therefore deemed elected.

6 Use of surplus
6.1 Rick confirmed that the Forum had not made a surplus.

7 Any other business

7.1 Members noted the opportunities to be part of Hornets’ ‘Co-operatives Clash’ on 2 June and ‘Rochdale Co-operatives’ Day on 22 June.                                                                              28/05/2013 aj

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