25 January 2012

Twelve for 2012

We are currently working on our ‘Twelve for 2012’ ideas to promote social business and celebrate the International Year of Co-operatives:
  1. Set up a website
  2. Produce a guide to procurement by the Council
  3. Encourage members to trade with each other
  4. Build up a list of providers of back office services
  5. Campaign for a community renewable energy co-operative and fund
  6. Encourage the development of local buying and supplying networks
  7. Create training and employment opportunities, especially for young people
  8. Explore the potential for co-operatives and social enterprises in schools and colleges
  9. Support staff and/or community co-operatives and mutuals to provide public services
  10. Explore the potential for managed workspace
  11. Advocate for co-operatives and social enterprises to be a focus of local economic development
  12. Promote ethical finance for people and businesses.    

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